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WHO-dey think gonna be expecting 9 months from now?

CONGRATULATIONS CINCINNATI BENGALS! My doula-sense predicts a baby boom about 9 months from tonight!

There is a lot of celebrating in my family and everywhere in the Queen City as our beloved Cincinnati Bengals are bound for the Super Bowl in February! But what else is this doula thinking about when it comes to celebrating this victory?? BABIES!

After almost 20 years of working as a doula, and several hundred births later, I know what comes with these celebrations...

So....a word to the me as soon as you get those two little pink lines on your pregnancy test, because I am going to be BUSY in November!

Super bowl weekend AND Valentine's Day are the same weekend this year!

Check back in later in the year to see if my predictions were correct, but I am going to make sure all my traveling and out-of-town doula trainings are done by mid-October regardless. Enjoy your celebrations! Cheer hard for our home team! And maybe consider putting that fresh coat of paint in the spare bedroom that you've been talking about doing forever because you may have a little longterm visiter who will be using it sooner than you think. ;)



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