Nutrition for Pregnancy

Here is a recipe for a quick and easy homemade refresher that adds a ton of vitamins and nutrients to your day.

Like most pregnant people, you probably find it challenging to get in the recommended daily dosage of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins into your diet. However, maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is the most important thing you can do to invest in a safe and healthy birth with minimal need for medical intervention.

Please keep in mind the following announcement:

Remember: food IS medicine.

Real fruits and vegetables, whole grains, probiotics, and the recommended 70-80 gr. of protein are essential to growing a healthy, tiny human being as well as giving you what YOU need to stay healthy during pregnancy and remove the unwanted stress from your body that results from poor nutrition.

Taking your prenatal vitamin is important but remember that most of your actual nutrition should come from your food.

Real food offers the best nutrition in its most digestible and usable form. So think of good quality food as an investment in you, your baby, and your birth. You'll reap the benefits in eating all the good food when you save the thousands of dollars you won't have to spend on medications and you'll feel a lot better too.

Recognizing that it's not always easy or possible to purchase farm-to-table, organic food I have found Juice Plus to be an excellent supplement to a healthy diet. It makes up for the kale and elderberries and carrots and all of the fruits and vegetables that it is just so hard to cram into your diet. The quality and effectiveness of the product has been tested in clinical trials several times, so it's easy to see why consuming juiced and then dehydrated fruits and vegetables is so good for you and such an easy way to get all the nutrients into your diet.

Here is a recipe I make everyday for myself. I find that I enjoy "taking my vitamins" much more by drinking them in vs. swallowing several capsules. Hope you enjoy it too! To learn more about juice plus, go to

Juice Plus Refresher:

open 2 red & 2 purple Juice Plus capsules

add to 24 oz. filtered water

add a smidge of stevia to sweeten


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