Morning Pick Me Up

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

When I'm rushing around or have a lot on my plate, here's what I do to keep myself balanced.

First, water. This is about your soul, here. Your body is 60% water. You came from water before you were born. You need a lot of water! Drink it, soak in it, listen to it. (I have a mini water fountain running in my home that everyone loves. Water is so soothing.)

Adequate hydration can also help with symptoms related to exhaustion including low energy level, moodiness, headaches,

Then, the nourishment: Good, whole foods, self-care practices, and LOVE.

Long term stress hormones break down the body and lower our immune system.

While we can't get rid of stress completely, we don't have to let it stick around. Long term stress hormones break down the body and lower our immune system. Are you at a place in life where you can't remember what it was like to not feel stressed? Or worse, are you so worn out that you do not even feel the stress? If so, you may have learned to cope instead of learning how to nourish yourself through the difficult times.

We hardwire our brains with positive or negative messages. The good news is that your subconscious prefers positive thoughts, so negative thoughts can be replaced with repetitive action.

I start my day everyday in darkness, waking before everyone else, so that I can set my intentions for the day. This simple practice helps me to nourish myself so that I have the energy and perspective I need to nourish my family. My husband makes the coffee, I pull the blankets out of the closet, and we sit on the couch, slowly easing into our day together.

Let the sun be the first light that comes into your morning.

Hold off on turning all the lights on when you wake. Allow the light to slowly seep into your morning. Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes waking up is hard.

Always love.

First, be loving to yourself. Say "I love you" when you see your face in the mirror. Then say "I love you" (either out loud or in your mind) to everyone in the home: your partner, kids, the cat, the pathos spilling over the top of the planter, the sun, all the things you can genuinely say you love. Studies have shown that the energy released that is related to people saying "I love you" lowers stress, increases appetites, sparks creativity, and boost your energy level. Love is one of the most powerful things you can do to start yourself down the right path today.

Peace, light, and doula-love,


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