Perinatal Coaching

What is perinatal coaching and how can this new trend become one of the best decisions you ever made when it comes to planning and preparing for your birth?

Your influences during conception, pregnancy, and birth affect the first year of your child's life as well as your mental and emotional health as a parent. Laying the foundation for personal growth and development, a perinatal coach helps you know what lies ahead and to understand your options and how to make the best decision for you and your baby.

Parenting is a big deal! The family is a model for our future and the to intergenerational healing.

Pregnant couples already know they need to spend a lot of time and money preparing for their little arrival, but often that time is consumed with the "what" (to buy or get done) instead of the "how." Isn't it time to place an importance on you, your baby, and your future family?

What is "Perinatal" Coaching?

"Perinatal" simply refers to the period before, during, or after pregnancy. Coaching provides one-on-one educational support during preconception, pregnancy, birth and into the first year of being a parent.

Working together to unlock your greatest potential, I will coach you into exploring this completely new world of pregnancy, birth, and your newborn.

To prepare for your birth, I will help you to know how to birth safely, peacefully and intuitively. I'll help you to create a team of support with the doctors, midwives, doulas, and educators who best meet your needs. You will learn to work more effectively with your body, your partner and your birth team.

To prepare you on how to care for your little one, I will help you learn how to to hone in on your intuitive parenting instincts. You'll learn how to identify things like hunger cues, distress, contentment, and satisfaction. You'll learn how to communicate with your new baby prenatally, even before they are born, and you will become proficient in identifying their needs and they ways they communicate with you.

Are you prepared to face these challenges with open arms? Are you feeling supported or do you feel uncertain and alone? If so, you should know that many women feel detached and unsure of how to connect with their changing bodies and their babies. So you are certainly not alone! And experienced, confident mothers are most often women who have learned how to find the help and support they need. No one can, or should, do it alone!

Thankfully, intuitive birthing and parenthood is not a lost art, and neither is the timeless practice of women helping women when it comes to birth and motherhood.

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