10 reasons why prenatal bonding matters.

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

  1. A change in the way you view birth can change the trajectory of your child's life.

  2. Mothers feel confident and secure during childbirth with less pain.

  3. Prematurity risk is reduced, and more term babies are born without medical intervention required.

  4. Babies are more curious, alert, and emotionally stable. Excessive infant crying is not the norm.

  5. Cesareans are reduced and natural vaginal delivery is the norm.

  6. Babies sleep longer at night, with fewer awakenings.

  7. If birth trauma occurs, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, parents feel supported and prepared to seek the assistance and guidance they or their baby may need.

  8. Babies' cues are easy to understand so parents feel more bonded and connected to their baby and each other.

  9. Babies and children are easy to communicate with, have self-awareness and positive self esteem at every age.

  10. Instead of struggling with disconnection, parents feel a growth in their own relationship connection by becoming aware of and understanding how to respond to the profound changes that occur in becoming a parent.

With peace, light, and doula-love,


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